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Product description

Hire a copywriter with over 14 years of experience who can help you increase conversions through strategy, copy audits, writing new copy or copy rewrites.

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How it works

You hire me to work on your copy while you sit back and work on non-copy stuff. (Or just look busy while you play solitaire – I promise I won’t tell!) I’ll strategize, audit or write for your business only - and then you get to watch your conversions soar!

Step One:
You hire me. I get all the details.

Once you hire me for a day, you’ll receive an intake form to share and send me all your goals and needs. After that, I’ll send you a Calendly link to have a quick 15-minute kickoff call in advance.

On the call we will ensure we’re on the same page for the “Hire Me” day. We’ll also lock down the date you want me to get started.

Step Two:
I start working.

On the “Hire Me” day, I work on the project(s) we’ve agreed to while you read, go shopping, binge-watch your favorite show or do non-copy work. 

At the end of the day, I’ll record a quick video letting you know how the day was spent. I’ll share it with you in a Dropbox folder containing any notes or copy I’ve worked on.

Step Three:
You get incredible results.

You get to implement my findings or upload your brand-new conversion-optimized copy. 

I also offer an option to jump on a 30-minute call to go over any questions or if we need to discuss what’s next.

What Can I Get Done in a Day?

While the “Hire Me” day is where I do whatever you need to get done, I’m not Superwoman. (But that would be cool, right?) With that said, let’s look at some examples of what I can deliver with one day of work:

Example #1

Any audit service + one section rewrite ($997 value)
3 – 5 ads for social media (with headline/CTA variations) ($497 value)

Total value $1,494

Savings $497

Example #2

Audit + rewrite of a product detail page ($997 value)
3 – 5 autoresponder emails ($1,297 value)

Total value $2.294
Savings $1,297

Example #3

Home page audit + rewrite ($2,497 value)
Sales funnel or user journey review* ($2,997)

*Depending on the size and complexity of your sales funnel, we may need to focus on specific aspects to get the work done in one day

Total value $5,494

Savings $4,497

More answers to your questions:

What if I want to hire you for more than one day?

You can absolutely hire me for more than one day. If you have a specific project in mind that will take more than one day, you can tack on another day on the checkout page when you click ‘add to cart’ above.

What if I have something specific for you to work on?

Let me know what you need while we’re on the 15-minute kickoff call. (I'll send you a link once your purchase is complete.) I will be honest with you about what I can accomplish in one day so I can fully meet your expectations. If the project is extensive, you may want to hire me for another day, or we can create a custom package.

What if I need a copywriter, but I’m not ready to hire you now?

Completely understandable. Keep in mind that I only allow for three “Hire Me” days a month, so if you don’t book now, you may need to wait a month or more until I’m available again.

Do you only work with SaaS or tech companies?

Even though I prefer, and am specifically trained to write copy for SaaS and tech, I am happy to write for other industries. I have experience writing for finance, health, self-help. biz op, and many other industry types. 

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