SaaS companies often wonder how their pricing page can maximize sign-ups and get more users to upgrade to a paid plan.

It comes down to one thing.

Treat your pricing page like the sales page it is.

Keep UX in Mind

Now, that doesn’t mean it should be this endless page that has you scrolling until eternity. According to HubSpot, it’s a good idea to keep it simple so it’s a user-friendly experience.

But there are way too many pricing pages that somehow all look the same.

No differentiation. No value propositions. No incentive to buy.

Regardless of the type of product, its price, or how revolutionary it is, most follow the same template that barely gives you anything beyond “Choose a plan…”


Your pricing page should have ALL the elements a sales page does.

A kick-ass headline that engages the reader
Trust-building details
Benefits of using the product. And lots of them.
A pricing table that encourages users to choose your most profitable plan

Yes, you can include all these elements while still making it easy for site visitors to make a choice. And without them having to scroll forever. Even Neil Patel agrees that design is essential, and it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

The Perfect Combo for Your Pricing Page

Which is precisely why your pricing page needs to combine simplicity, a good user experience, and sales elements that encourage the user to choose your solution.

It is, after all, one of the coolest pages on your site - if not THE coolest! Next to your home page, it’s the page that will likely attract the most visits.

Don’t let that highly-coveted traffic go to waste.

Give them a reason to stay on your pricing page by treating it like a sales page that gets them to sign up or upgrade.

Not sure how to do that?

Hire a SaaS-trained copywriter to optimize your pricing page and watch conversions soar.

What are your thoughts about treating pricing pages more like sales pages? What has been your experience?

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