I already know what you’re thinking.

Making changes to any page on your site can sometimes involve a lot of time, planning, and resources.

Even if it does improve pricing page conversions, you may think it’s not worth the trouble.

But it is.

And what about making changes to your pricing plan table?

That’s probably not going to be a quick adjustment. (And your design team might start glaring at you.)

But you want to improve conversions with the least amount of hassle, right?

That’s why I recommend making this one quick change...

Optimize Your Hero Copy

Give your pricing page a robust headline.

Yep, that’s it.

It’s time to move beyond the ever-popular one-sentence headline found on most pricing pages, starting with something like, “Choose a plan…”

Why isn’t that good enough?

Because it’s not doing anything that a headline should do. 

At. All.

And that’s not good for getting users to sign up or convert to a paid plan. Or, more importantly, choose you over the competition.

So, let’s change that.

Follow these five rules for writing a great headline:

Make it relevant to your target audience's pain points

Comb through your voice of customer data to uncover what keeps them up at night. Address how your solution solves that problem in your headline to keep them reading and on the page.

Use active language vs. passive

Make your headline clear and more robust with active verbs. This will place focus on the reader and engage them to take action.

Be specific

Use actual numbers or data that relate directly to your solution. Promise that users can be onboarded and ready to go in less than 30 minutes. Or, state that they can start using the solution in three quick steps (as long as those promises are true!).

Create urgency

Give readers a reason to take action NOW. Offer something like a limited-time, free trial on a higher-priced plan that’s only good for the next few days to encourage sign-ups. Incorporate FOMO into your offer.

Be unique

Your page needs to stand out from the competition. You’ll already do this by creating a robust headline. Ensure the reader chooses your solution by incorporating your unique value proposition into your headline copy.

This simple change to your pricing page can make a significant difference in engagement without having to bug your design team too much. (And they’ll secretly love you for that!)

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